Time to do a little crafting....

I love to craft for holidays and St. Patrick's Day and Easter will be over the next couple of months, not to mention decorating for spring. Isn't this a cute idea for a candy dish for St. Patrick's day?

This wreath is another cute, simple idea to make.

But I really fell in love with this one. Talk about simple.

A pretty display for a shelf or mantle.

This was my table centerpiece several years ago, but I got rid of most of it when I moved and downsized. Now I regret it so I'm going to try to recreate it. I know where to find another pink chicken salt dip, I just need to look for a bunny. The flowers will be easy to duplicate and the vase was from Dollar Tree.

I love my Easter Egg wreath I made many years ago. But I'm going to revamp it this year and add a bigger bow and make it with a little sturdier wire.

I want this little bunny wreath. That would be easy and fun to make. But I'd use different ribbon then black and white chevron. 

This is one of my favorite Easter things I have, my Easter tea for one that Mom bought me. After Easter, I turn it back around to use for spring because the back side is just flowers.

I am so in love with this it isn't funny. It is going on my to do list. 

I planned on doing these last year and didn't get a chance but I am going to this year for sure.

I tried printing this out last year but my printer didn't have a good quality. I believe I will find the printable and have it printed at Staples or Walmart on a matte photo paper.

On my day off this week, I'm planning a trip to Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree to get some of this stuff going.

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Debbie Huffaker said...

I saw those bunny grapevine wreaths...I think at Big Lots. They're adorable. Love all your crafty ideas. I kinda quit crafting like that, except for wreaths....just don't have anywhere to store so much stuff...trying to downsize....with no help from my better half...LOL!!!