Weekend wrap up

What an amazing weekend I had. I kept three of the grandchildren Friday night. We got up on Saturday morning and they wanted McDonald's for breakfast so we headed out there. If you don't think cousins can be one of your best friends, you should spend time with Shelby and Colby. I've never met two kids who play together so good and have such a blast together.

Alexis and I enjoyed our breakfast while we watched the antics of the other two. She has such a big heart. Growing up way too fast though.

After breakfast we headed over to Dollar General.

I don't like birds when they are in gangs. But individually they are so beautiful. I have a few home decor pieces that are bluebird and cardinal. When I found this little guy at Dollar General for a buck, I had to have him.   

And I couldn't pass this up since these are my two favorite birds setting on one of my favorite words.

After we left there, we went to a couple of antique stores. They were so good. They didn't bother a thing. It's all in house children are raised. Colby had me take his picture with this little lady. He said he liked it because it was his height. 

I didn't find any bargains but we had a great time looking. As we were turning on a road to head home, we saw a sign that said there was a sale at the old school house. I'm not sure of the history of it, but it's been around forever and I assumed just sat empty. 

Apparently he had junk stored in it and they are having a sale there every Saturday to get rid of stuff. I hate to tell them, but they really should clean it up and get it organized if they are trying to sale it. I couldn't make heads or tails of much of what was in there because the stuff was mixed right in with the trash. 

The kids liked looking at all the righting on the blackboard.

I would have liked to look longer but the man running the sale followed us every step we took and commented on everything I looked at and his wife just kept glaring at us like we were imposing. So we left.  

We did get a few pics outside.

I love pics of kids beside trees and I'm not sure why. 

Saturday, I worked until 10:00 at night. I've been needed a new printer since before Christmas but don't want to pay an arm and a leg and want one that the cartridges are not expensive to replace. Somebody told me about one at Walmart for $34.88. So I stopped there at 10:30 at night and it is an upgrade version of my old one that finally went kaput. I had it about 6 or 7 years. The cartridges on this one are $15 so I'm very happy about it. 

Sunday I went to Sunday School and church. After church, my friend Sherrie and I went to Farmhouse Antiques #2 in Jefferson City. I got some great bargains. I was wanting a jar the other day that had a lid on it to keep Hershey kisses in. And I found this one for $2. It said coffee jar on the tag and I want to thank that either Folgers or Sanka came in a jar. Does anybody know? It's from the 1970's and is Anchor Hocking. It may have held Tang, but I think the Tang one actually said Tang on it. Does anybody know?

I have a pantry that I want to collect a few vintage things for my kitchen to set on top the pantry. I have always loved Aladdin thermos jugs. This one is from the 1950's. I didn't care that it doesn't have the cup because I got it for $2.00. SCORE!

You remember the little red wagon shelf I share the other day? When I get it, I want to put a little vase with a single daisy in it. I found the vase I wanted for it for just $1.00. Still looking for the wagon.

I am looking for several pairs of little vintage scissors to put in the slots around the milk glass bowl vase I have that I posted the other day and idea about scissors in it. Well, I found these. They are still sharp but you could tell they were probably an older pair. Even if they aren't, they are what I'm looking for. They were just a couple of dollars. They are good and sturdy and remind me of a pair I had in first grade so they may be vintage.

I love this little depression glass tray/saucer. They had a ton, but I just needed one for what my dresser to lay my watch and earrings and name badge in when I come home from work. It was $2.00 as well.

If you have followed my blog you have seen many, many times a post where I'm looking for a vintage tablecloth in this pattern for my little kitchen table. Well, look what I found for just $4.00. There are two spots that have small stains that may or may not come out. But they aren't that big or that noticeable. It just adds character and tells me somebody used it a lot. I have seen some before in a lot worse shape and people are asking $20 or $30 for them. So for $4 with only two little stains, I was not going to leave it behind.

But my favorite piece I am sure isn't vintage, but it was my find of the day. A new tea for one set. This one is brand new looking. No dents or dings or fading or anything. It pulled at my heart strings the minute I laid eyes on it. It is shamrocks and pink flowers. It will go perfect in my new pink and green bedroom. But the reason I wanted it so bad is the shamrocks. I became a grandmother for the very first time on St. Patrick's Day in 1999. I just had to have it. I was afraid to look at the price. Tea for one sets, even used, in antique stores are usually $26 - $29 and sometimes even higher. So I held my breath and looked at the tag........$10.00. Wow!  SOLD!!

Well as you can see this was a great weekend with lots grandchildren time and some amazing bargains. Now I finally have time to get around to hooking up my new printer and working on my Thirty-One business. Have a great week!

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Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, that old schoolhouse...the memories for those who live in Kodak. Do you know if they're selling the fixtures....chalkboards, etc?