Weekend Wrap Up

I can't remember the last time I have had so much fun .... or did so much in such a short amount of time. But it was worth it. Because I'm an employee at Dixie Stampede and we have pass exchange programs for other tourist attractions, I was able to take the four of us to Dixie and the Aquarium for a grand total of ...... drum roll ..... $7.00! You know I am a bargain lover so this just thrilled me.

We went to the Ripley's Aquarium. I love the way this picture turned out. I should have saved it for Ms. Debbie's Friday Foto friends, but couldn't wait to share it.

When we were on the conveyor belt walkway that goes through the middle of the shark tank, this dude kept following me. I snapped about a zillion pics of him. I never knew they have FOUR rows of teeth. Trust me, we were very up-close and personal with the dude. He was huge and didn't even scare me. Oh the wonders of heavy plated glass.

We even found this little computer system where we could all built our own jelly fish. I loved the little anchor tattoo on her cheek. 

And they loved popping up inside the various fish tanks. It was hysterical when they all got into one together. Then they got the giggles and could barely get out because they were laughing so hard. We just couldn't get a good shop without fish in front of their face.

So they tried it one by one and it was much better. Here is Colby.

Here is Shelby.

And here is Alexis.

Then we went through the Pearl Harbor exhibit in the Aquarium. It was amazing. They had to post for the WWII poster. Check out their little faces. It worked out perfect.

We came home, had lunch and rested up. Then at 7:00 we were back out and at the Dixie Stampede for Dinner & The Show. We had a great time in the saloon show before the main event.

We loved listening to the live band playing before time to go in the main arena.

And of course what night is not complete without a selfie of all of us.

Then it was time for the main event and they were all impressed with the buffalo, which is my favorite part of the show. Well, one of my faves.

It's our 30th anniversary at Dixie Stampede so they brought back the longhorn steer. If you want a good view, sit on row two. This guy was right below us.

They are so huge. I've never seen one up that close before. 

After the show, they wanted to go down and meet one of the stars of the show, our very own Skeeter. This guy is so entertaining that people come back year after year just to see Skeeter.

And my all time favorite emcee, Jay Teeter. He has been there about 16 years and me and Allen saw him many, many times. We have some great emcee's at Dixie, but Jay will always be my favorite. The kids loved getting to meet him.

Sunday morning arrived bright and fair with us all being totally exhausted. But it never entered our mind to not got to Sunday School and church. Don't they look gorgeous?

At Children's Church the Puppet People of our church put on a puppet show about God creating the solar system. We had cosmic cinnamon rolls and made our own edible rocket ships. Colby was so happy to see we had strawberries.

I was taken some pictures and my other teacher, Ms. Charlene photo bombed the boys. 

The girls had a good time hanging out with some of the friends they have made at church.

As you can tell, it was an amazing weekend. In closing, I want to let you know about a wacky and bizarre holiday that we have today (and no it's not President's day). It is Hoodie-Hoo day. (pronounced who-dee who). We are all supposed to go outside at noon, wave our hands in the air and yell Hoodie-Hoo! This supposedly chases the winter blues away and brings on spring. 

It's worth a try, because I am so sick of winter. Even though it is unseasonably warm, it still isn't spring. I am tired of being cold.

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Love that "inside" fishtank!