An interesting Friday...

I picked up my sweet Alexis after school yesterday so she could stay all night. We are heading out early this morning to watch Colby place baseball. 

She wanted to go out to eat at KFC. We normally just do the local one, but I was telling her about one in a neighboring city that had all you can eat buffet. Since the child could eat her weight in KFC mashed potatoes, she wanted to go to it. She is still 12 so it was just $5.25 for hers and I am a senior so mine was $7.25. That included our drinks. Afterwards, we went up the road and stopped at Walmart to pick up some things. When going through the grocery aisle, this caught my eye. Krispy Kreme discontinued their chocolate iced cake donuts. But bless Betty Crocker's heart for buying the rights to create it in a cake mix. These have always been my favorite Krispy Kreme.

I'm going to make this in mini bundt pans. They should be delicious.

After we got home a friend send me a picture of some items she saw for sell. I hooked up with the seller because I was interested in the tea pot since I collect them and this would be gorgeous in my beach bathroom (yes, I have teapots in every room in my house just about.

She had several items in her picture and I asked how much for just the tea pot. I was willing to go up to $10 because I know how much a tea pot can cost of this size. Normally, $39.95 and up. She came back with a price of $10....for everything in her picture. So I said YES. Now mind you, it was a small picture on Facebook so I thought it was a smaller version, but when I met her and got it all, I was overwhelmed by the size of the two other matching pieces as well as the teapot.

And that wasn't all. She had these two pieces in it as well. Not a big fan of the soap dispenser, but for these to come with the other, I was fine with getting them all for $10. I will probably put these two in my yard sale next month and get about $7 or $8 out of them total, which would make my three pieces cost just $2 or $3 dollars total. We will see what happens.

I would normally not meet someone at Food City after dark, but I already knew the lady.  And me and Alexis were craving chocolate ice cream so I met her and picked them up since today was going to be crazy. She is going through stuff she put in storage when her mother-in-law passed away three years ago. She said she was ready to get rid of things now and has a lot of vintage glassware. She's going to call me when she gets ready to have her yard sale. I can't wait to see what else she has. We got our ice cream and came home and ate ice cream.

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Terri D said...

You do have a way of finding the best deals, Brenda! Awesome buy! That ice cream looks pretty good too. I'm going to look for that cake mix at Publix!