Friday find....

As I was heading to work yesterday, I stopped in the Dollar Tree in Pigeon Forge to pick up some cleaning items. Turns out there is an antique store in that strip mall now. Well, you know me. I just had to go check it out. It had some good things and some that didn't interest me. It had items at great deals and some that were way over priced. But I did find this little bottle for $2.00. 

It's filthy and needs cleaned up really good. But I love the way it is shaped narrow on the sides instead of perfectly round.

You may wonder why I would want an old dirty jar. Well, I have a plan. I keep seeing these odd jars at antique stores that are just dirty, clear jars but I can see the potential through all the grease and grime of the years. And a couple of local stores have prices like .50 cents or $1.00. I see them at yard sales for .10 and .25 cents. I always want some but never knew anything to do with them. Enter Pinterest. Place some of your favorite photos. I want to print some of my favorite grandkids pics and do this.

You can also paint them and add embellishments or not.

Paint them and use them as flower vases.

I really, really want to try some of the milk glass spray paint on some old bottles or vases with patterns on them.

You can now paint glass to make it like a mirror. Pick up an old picture frame at a yard sale and paint the glass into a mirror or for that matter just put fabric or scrapbook paper under the mirror. Add some unique bottles and jars and a few flowers and wah-lah...instant centerpiece.

 This is cute to me because everywhere I go I see old skeleton keys and wonder what I could do with them. How about something like this. You could combine the first idea of a pic of a loved one in a jar and then tie a heart charm with a vintage key for the "key to my heart" angle. 

Oh wait! Here's a great idea I just thought of. Combine putting paper in the jar with a skeleton key tied around like above. On the paper could be a printed out picture of your favorite quote about God opening doors. I love this idea. I've got to do this and let you know how it turns out. Now to go search for an old key.


Sandi said...

Praise Him in the hallway. I like that!

Terri D said...

That milk glass paint is amazing! Great ideas. Wow.