Top 10 Dollar Tree Ideas

Some things I plan to do. I have been saying forever I want to make a tiered tray with plates and candlesticks from Dollar Tree. Going to put this on my to do list so I will finally make it.

Love this idea for organizing in a cabinet, not just under the sink. I believe I have found an answer to storing lids and plastic containers. Storing lids is one of the biggest aggravations in my kitchen.

I think this is a little bulky for your purse. But I can see doing this and tossing it into a Thirty-One Little Carry Caddy and then just pulling out the one you need when you need it. I do use clothespins for a lot of things. My favorite is as a chip clip. I need to decorate them up some and make them cute.

Another item I can't figure out how to store without them being a mess is all the various electronic charges we need. And I tend to forget what charger goes with what electronic. I am definitely going to do this. I think I actually have the pink one of these from a previous pair of reading glasses from Dollar Tree. 

Another DIY I have been aiming to make and keep forgetting about. Maybe this will remind me.

I saw this a year or so ago and I actually went right out and bought one. Now my necklaces never get in a tangled mess and it is easy to pick out what one I want for my outfit.

I did this years ago in my little chest in the craft room. It has been so helpful in finding what I need on the spur of the moment.

I've been hanging my Thirty-One bags in the spare closet for years. But I've been using the snap shower curtain rings. I like this idea a lot bet. It's difficult sometimes to snap and unsnap those rings without breaking them.  

Oh my goodness! Genius! I am getting these for when the grandkids stay all night and we have movie night or popcorn parties. I always drag out a TV tray for them. This would be so much fun.

Well, well, well. What an amazing idea. This would be great for when working in a small space and not having room for a large skein of yarn. I need to definitely do this. 

Will you be trying any of these?

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Terri D said...

Once again you have picked out genius ideas to share with us!!