Weekend wrap up...

I  spent most of my weekend working as I am training in a new position at work. But Sunday night I went out to Texas Roadhouse with the family to eat. I was so happy to be with family that I forgot to get any pictures of the birthday boy, but we had a great time. And the cactus blossom onion appetizer was perfect.

In addition to learning my new position at work, I am cross training to work our Dixie booth inside Dollywood in case I ever need to be sent over there when we are shorthanded. That meant getting up at 5:00 a.m. yesterday so I could be at Dollywood for orientation by 7:00.

Orientation was small and of the 8 attending, 5 of us were Dixie employees. The teacher was really fun and made attending "school" really enjoyable. Afterwards we went into Dollywood and walked all around the park on a tour. We even got to stop in a few of the shops. I was so happy when we went through the chocolate shop. The smell was heavenly. I need to make a trip back over there to try out their orange creams.

We also stopped in the blown glass shop. I fell in love with the beautiful oil lamps.

She bought our lunch in the host lounge. They change up what they fix everyday and lunch for employees is $2.50 each. Yesterday, one of the choices was meatloaf, mashed potatoes and a choice of one more side. I chose corn. It was really good. After lunch, we finished our tour and took in a show. Since it is the Festival of Nations all shows are from different nations. We picked Switzerland to go to. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. It was just different. Very, very different. But wow one guy could really yodel.

I didn't get home until around 2:30. Then I went through some office supplies to look for a few things I was needing from my stock pile. I fixed a snack and did a little laundry. Next thing I knew, it was time to head to church for VBS training and a look at the theme and the crafts for this year.

We weren't impressed with the crafts because they are geared toward the bigger kids with lots of glue, glitter and paint this year. Nope. Not with 2 thru 4 years olds. Especially when we have around 40 of them come through every night for crafts in that age. So we will resort to Pinterest for our ideas. I am really excited about the telescope. They will love those.

I got home and finished off the last 90 minutes of The Voice. The battle rounds started last night. The final one was the best of the night that ended in a three chair steal so both these ladies will be moving forward in the competition. I really liked them both so I was glad to see the steal.

Well, heading back to work today to continue more training. This will be day three of training and each day I have learned a different facet of the company. My brain will be on overload before I'm through.


Terri D said...

How great that you got such good training for your new position(s). Lunch for $2.50 sounded great!! Keep us posted on your new position and about the VBS crafts!

Sandi said...

It all sounds fun. :)

So many people are posting food today! ...yum...so hungry now, thanks.