Weekend wrap up

I had a blast this past Saturday with the three youngest grandchildren. The day started with just me and Alexis. We went to watch Colby play ball on the travel team that picked him up. He's a little pro already. He lives and breathes baseball. Not to mention the fact he's really good. He made some awesome plays and got a hit every time at bat. We watched the two Saturday games and he played two more on Sunday but I had to work. They one the 2 day conference championship. 

After leaving the ballgame and bringing Colby with us, we went home so he could change and then picked up Shelby to go into Pigeon Forge and play tourist for the day. We had lunch at Wendy's (as usual for the four of us). Then headed to Fantasy Golf for some Putt Putt.

When I was little, putt putt golf was called "goofy golf". Which if you ever played golf with these three you would probably see why some people call it goofy. I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard.

One hold had a giant bear you had to hit around and Colby yells "Mamaw I'm being eaten by a bear." And I look and see this.

Taking a five minute rest after he golf game.

Next stop was Wonder Works or they call it, the upside down house. We did a lot of fun stuff in there. Alexis discovered this huge telescope that inside the lens was the entire galaxy. If you turned it around the room you were gazing at different portions of the sky. We saw a lot of the constellations. Here she is teaching Shelby how to look through it.

Colby loved riding this motorcycle on a virtual realistic course.

Shelby loved climbing in the mock Apollo capsule.

And Alexis really enjoyed pulling the huge bubbles up and putting herself inside the bubble.

But for me, the best and neatest thing was the Infrared thermography. It detects infrared energy emitted from object, converts it to temperature, and displays image with temperature distribution. You were in a room with the infrared heat generated movement and whatever you did moved around and was displayed on the screen. This simply the three of them dancing around the floor and it would display the infrared thermography image of their movements. Super, super cool. We spent more time in there than in any of the other rooms in the upside down house. This is one moment I captured them dancing. Alexis on the left, Colby in the middle and Shelby on the right. 

It was an awesome day. 


Sylvia said...

Isn't it fun watchin the grands play ball. I love baseball. I also watched my 14 year old pitch his game on Saturday. They won 10-2

Terri D said...

What fun!! They are so lucky to have you for their grandma!!