Felt a little crafty...

As I used the last of the peanut butter, I went to start a grocery list for those "out of" items I don't want to forget. I normally write them on a piece of paper and then forget they are written down. As I was turning off the kitchen light, I thought "I need something to hang by the light switch for these HAVE to remember items. And I remembered I have a little chalk board (I love chalk boards). A light bulb went off in my head and I knew I wouldn't be happy with just hanging a plain chalkboard. So I gathered some items together and got to work.

First I opened a pack of jewelry wire I had never used. It is brown and is sturdy so I thought it would work perfect.

I dug in my tool drawer and found two tiny tack nails.

I made a loop in the wire so it would fit around the head of the nail.

Once I hammered the little tacks in with the wire under the head, I then shot some glue gun on it to make sure it didn't slide off.

Next, I glued a red button in each corner.

I tore a strip of the fabric and tied it in a bow around a wire so I could hook it on easier. I like to tear the cloth instead of cutting and hemming so it looks more rustic.

Here's the finished product.

And there it hangs over the kitchen light by one of my favorite kitchen pictures. 

Oh, and I did this at 9:45 at night just because that is when I was inspired to do it. 


Terri D said...

Well, how cute is that!!!

Mary Hutchins said...

That is so cute, the red looks great with the black.