Hot and Cold Rice Bags

I stopped by my daughter's the other day and she had the neatest item. It was a hot and cold press filled with rice. I have vaguely heard of them, but just never gave it much thought. My throat had been so soar and I picked it up and just laid it on my throat and oh the instant relief. You can keep them in the freezer for cold compress or heat one in the microwave for a warm compress. I decided I wanted to make one so I did what I always do.....I went to Pinterest. 

You can make them any size you want. These are just small squares.

And these are more rectangle. 

As I scrolled through ideas, I found some for children called Boo Boo Bags and they were smaller for those little moments kids need one for a little boo boo. The owls were too cute. I'm thinking a lot of us in blogger world know somebody who would love these little owls.

But I fell in love with the little bird ones.

There were even Boo Boo Bunny ones. 

And a Boo Boo Bear.

One lady even had the tutorial for making an eye ice pack for those days when you head hurts so bad behind your eyes that you crazy releif.

No matter which one hits your fancy, I'm sure we can all agree these are all adorable.

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Debbie Huffaker said...

Absolutely adorable....and, yes, this blogger would adore one of the owlie ones!!! ;-) HOPE you're feeling lots, lots better. I saw those brownies you made....mercy, they looked delicious!!!