Things I like.

I was on Pinterest this morning and this wreath caught my eye. I love to craft, but for some reason cannot do well with wreaths. But this is beautiful. 

Since I was on Pinterest anyway, I decided to look up some ideas to decorate patriotic themed. I want to make some things to leave up for May (for Memorial Day), June (for Flag Day) and through July (for Independence Day). I got some great ideas. I’m glad I saw this one so I can get some red and white flowers when I go in a couple of weeks to get my flowers.

This would be a cute project for Children’s Church. I think they would like to do this.

I want to print this out and get me an old frame and paint it the color of blue that is in the picture. 

Remember my painted rock post recently? Well this falls right in well with that post. I love these.

I love making pinwheels from scrapbook paper. They are so much fun to make and very cute if you arrange them in a flower vase.

This next one isn’t so much a decoration as a great idea. I may see if they will let me put this out in the foyer at church. It is so neat.

What a cute and easy tablecloth. Walmart sells these Bandanas for $1 each. 

I love this. Not sure if those are Styrofoam or foam art, but I do love the stars.

This would be very easy to make with the colored plastic clothespins. I have tried to dye clothes pins and never been able to get the desired color result. 

Too cute and so easy to do. I’m sure you could go to any construction site and ask for a few scraps of wood.

I like this idea but not the end result. I would actually prefer to make the stars from patriot fabric and make them a little bigger so you don’t see the white of that wreath. But I like the theory behind it.

That's it for today. Heading back to work after three days off. Two weeks ago, I was sick for three days. Last week I had two days off but had to take a third one to go to the doctor so it was a four day week. This week is just going to be a four day week as well. Can't wait to get back in my groove and get my schedule straightened back out. 


Jan said...

I really enjoy your blog. It's always so colorful and you've always got some great ideas or some neat finds for your kitchen! Thanks!

Terri D said...

All great ideas!! Sure wish we lived closer and could do some of these projects together!!