It's Thursday....

What a wild week. Worked on Sunday, off on Monday, worked a couple of hours on Tuesday and came home with laryngitis. Off Wednesday and heading in for 8 hours today and 8 hours tomorrow and then I have the day off on Saturday. My time card is going to look so weird. 

I did a few things last week that I didn't have a chance to share with you yet. I got this little rolling card for just $10 (normally $29 at Walmart) and if you look close I cut up scrapbook paper to put in the front of the drawers to dress it up a little. I think that looks neater than seeing in drawers even if they are neat and organized. That little jar is not a job jar. It is my wish/to do list. Any time I think of something I want to buy, something I want to craft, something I want do or someplace I want to go, I jot it on paper and put it in that jar. Then once a week, I pull them out and decide what I want to do, make or buy the upcoming week. Now I never worry about forgetting something. And I don't have a big long to do list.

I finally found some small daisies for my little vintage jar. I also put a spare lamp in my craft room. The overhead lighting in there is not great for close up projects so this is my temporary fix.

I took some of my washi tape and clothespins and made some chip clips. I love assorted bags of chips and clothespins seem to keep them sealed the tightest. So I decorated my clothespins.

I am very excited about my day off this weekend. I am heading to the 10 mile yard sale from Sevierville to Newport. This is a pic from last year of just one of the many areas people set up along that route. Not to mention there must be at least 60 - 80 different site at the local high school. It's an all day thing and is very exhausting, but I always find amazing bargains.

I have several things I am looking for. I am wanting vintage phones to display in several rooms. Here are some of the choices I would take. I really want the black rotary and the pink princess phones the most. Keeping my eye open for any of these though.

Of course I am always on the look for the 401 or 402 mixing bowls. These seem to be easy to find at good prices at yard sales. Problem is I normally only find ones I already have.

I would also like to find a vintage Pyrex pie plate....

....or vintage Pyrex cake pan. They made both these items in pink, blue, green and yellow. I don't care what color, I would just like to find one.

I still can't believe I got rid of the vintage utility cart I bought for $2.00. But I didn't think I had room for it and it turned out I would have. So now I'm on the search. I would like a red or a yellow, but would settle for any in good shape at a good price.

Those are my wish list items but this is my dream item, a drop leaf formica table. I need a little table for my kitchen, but a drop leaf would be perfect because I could open it up if I need room for baking or if I need to use it for buffet style meals with the kids.

But I would also settle for a non-drop leaf formica if it wasn't a full size table.

But realistically, I would probably have better luck finding a wooden one. Which would work just as well. Especially pine since it would match my dining room table.

My granddaughters are going with me to the yard sale and spending the night. I have them trained to look for Pyrex. But I need to show them the other items so they can help me keep an eye out. They love vintage shopping and yard sales as much as I do. I'm sure we will lunch at Wendy's. Alexis has become a big fan of their chicken roll up and loves to go there when we can. Sometimes she gets the loaded baked potato as well. Of course, Shelby is the Queen of nuggets and fries wherever she goes.

Now to get through the next two days and I'll have a great day off. 


Sylvia said...

The yellow Formica table would make a great island in a small kitchen. When I first married we bought a blue Formica table, used it for years.

Jan said...

We had my husband's grandma's formica table when we first married. I grew up with one like these with the matching chairs in gray. My mom had the same pattern formica in yellow on her kitchen countertops. Seeing these brings back good memories!

Terri D said...

What great helpers you will have for your search! Good luck and please let us know what you find!!

Mildred said...

I hope you find some wonderful treasures. Keep us posted. I am following you now.