Rockin' It

I was cleaning out a flower pot the other day getting ready for May flowers around the house. There was an old stone in it that had been painted and said "Blessings." It gave me an idea to may paint up a few stones to place around my flower bed. Living close to the lake, I'm sure I could find some pretty ones. Then I started looking on Pinterest (of course) and found some great ideas. I thought I wouldn't have limit to my flower garden. They could be used in my home as decor. When I go to the beach I find a lot of beautiful washed up stones but leave them there, not knowing what I would do with them. Well, I'm bringing some home this year and cleaning them up and fixing them like this to put in this big seashell dish I have in my beach bathroom.

And if you could find enough of the right sizes, how cute and fun would he be on the shelf in my office that holds beach pictures and stuff. 

I love cats so these would be adorable inside or out.

Talk about super easy.

And a pretty patriotic one for the holidays.

Too cute. These should be laid at the bottom of a strawberry plant.

Not a fan of snails, but these are adorable.

And you can't go wrong with inspirational words on anything.

A cute one to set in my mums at Halloween.

I want to do this for the table on my porch. I think that is just too cute for words.

This was just a funny one I saw that I thought I would share.

But if I do none of them but one, it would be the one below. Since my nickname is B, it stands to reason I love cute whimsical bees on things. This would be the first one I do. 

There you have it. Some new ideas for combining your love of crafting with your love of gardening. 


Debbie Huffaker said...

For Easter, Jess did a "tomb" in a dish. Each family member told a sin they struggle with... Laziness, fear, etc.... And wrote it on a small stone and placed it before the tomb... 💜!

Sylvia said...

The stones are all so cute. Love the turtle~

Terri D said...

There is a big painted stones movement here in Lakeland. People paint them and then put them all over town...in pots, in planted edgings, and in parks. Kids love finding them and posting pictures on Facebook. It's a really fun project to do with the kiddos. You found some really great ideas! It's called "Lakeland Rocks" and here is a little story about it: http://www.fox13news.com/news/local-news/215012987-story