Friday Foto Friends

I am having a yard sale with my friend Sherrie this week. First thing we do is to shop each others items. To be fair, we pay each other what it is marked at so we are not causing the other person to lose any money. Here were my bargains from yesterday. This little red dotted case. I just loved it. I love polka dots and red has always been my favorite color.

I didn't get it to hold credit cards though. I got it to hold all those value cards and discount cards for places I shop. Everybody seems to have a saving program today and I have so many cards for that. This will be a perfect way to carry them. I got it for just 25¢.

I also picked up this can cozy with the Thirty-One logo for just 25¢.

I got this Thirty-One large utility tote which is like brand new for just $8.00. The large tote in the Thirty-One catalog is $35 so this was a steal.

But the two items that thrilled me were this small sugar and cream set in milk glass. It is $12 on some sites and as low as $5 on other sites. But I got mine for 50¢.  

And the best thing is it still had the sticker inside the set from when it was originally purchased. And though it is faded and you can't see it good in this picture, it has the Authenticate Milk Glass phrase on it. So excited.

This was also a thrill. I keep looking for items to add to my Pyrex collection. I am wanting to find some items in the butterfly gold pattern. So far, no luck. But Sherrie did have the salt and pepper shakers in that pattern. So I have officially started my butterfly gold collection....for just 50¢.

But my favorite find of the week is when my daughter got a new kitchen table and chairs and she gave me her old one. I have been wanting a vintage set like this where I could take the leaf out for my kitchen for a year now. Beyond excited to finally get one....and it was FREE. I kept the other two chairs and the leaf in case I ever need to expand for gatherings. This is a temporary centerpiece decoration until I can find exactly what I want to put in the middle.

Well, those are my Friday Fotos. I'm heading out soon for the final day of our yard sale and it has been pouring the rain. But at least it looks like there are times on and off today where it will be dry. But we are in a garage so we can have it rain or shine. Just don't know how many yard sale fans will head out in the rain. 


Debbie Huffaker said...

You got some really awesome deals! And, yes, free is awesome! Hope you have a happy and blessed Mother's Day.

Terri D said...

Always fun and I always amazed at the great deals you always find! Wow!

Aritha said...

Great! I like your small sugar and cream set in milk glass. Never seen before.