Wishful thinking...

I've been at it again. Scouring the internet and doing some wishful thinking on some things I would like to get. I am planning my beach trip for this year and a lot of my stuff is just plain worn out and outdated. Time to revamp. So here are some things I am loving. I like this purse really, really well.

This one caught my eye as well.

I would love to find this beach bag to carry my stuff down to the beach. Walmart has some in this style so they may have a whale one.

I need a new beach chair. The one I had the last few years had no arms and even though it is light weight and easy to carry I missed having arms. I love the ones that set right down low on the sand.

I want to find a cute summer light weight dress to wear one evening when we go someplace nice to eat. 

These flip flops are adorable. If the color matched good, they would be cute with the above dress.

I also love this dress. I have some black strappy flat heeled sandals that would look great with this.

I want a pair of these Tommy Hilfiger flip flops with the red and navy. I love the nautical beach look.

I would love to have some flip flops like this for wearing shopping. I love the woven look.

And these would be perfect to wear down to the beach to avoid the hot sand.

Well, that's my wish list for the day.


Sandi said...

Beach time is coming up! I was thinking of it today. Love your list. The top bag is my favorite!

Love those starfish sandals too...

Terri D said...

So many cute things!! If I could get sat down in one of those beach chairs, it would take a crane to get me up!! I can't do those anymore! LOL