Without a list....

I am the List Queen. I have lists for everything....or at least I used to. I'm not sure what happened this past month, but my life has become a haphazard array of things to do that are not getting done and are not be planned for properly. EEK this is not me!

My mind is reeling about the multitude of things I need to do over the next month. 

Today, I am going to go get Mom's Mother's Day present and get it mailed out to her. 

I have to stay late at work tonight to decorate for a baby shower for one of the girls in our office. I am in charge of the decorations and paper products. It's a pot luck day with food coming in on all shifts. But since I don't come in until 2:00 tomorrow, I need to decorate and set up the paper products tonight for the earlier shifts tomorrow. 

Next thing I want to be working on is some of the awesome patriotic home decor things I have seen on Pinterest. I like to have patriotic decor up before Memorial Day and keep it through July 4th. I need to get busy. 

Speaking of Memorial Day, isn't this a beautiful rose for a veteran. I love this.

Then right after Memorial Day, I have to get ready for VBS. I will be doing the crafts for the Pre-K grades. Three classes, ranging with attendance between 15-25 per class will pass through our craft room. I need to decide on how to decorate for VBS and how I want to set up the room. It's a galactic theme so there will be a lot of stars involved. I'm trying to figure out what to do to incorporate these metal star shapes into the decor. Can you buy a glow in the dark spray paint? Does anybody know? One night we are doing something with glow stick necklaces and when the lights go out it would be need to have things that glow.

Some of the crafts need some prep work done so that little hands can complete the rest of the task. So I have to set aside a day to get with my helpers so we can do the prep work. One thing I want to prep is to glue the magnets on these clothespins. Years of Children's Church experience has taught me that despite what Oriental Trading may think, peel off magnet strips DO NOT stay on clothespins.

But before I can start all this other stuff for the next few weeks planning, I need to get through this week. I'm having my annual yard sale with my friend Sherrie on Thursday and Friday this week. Which means right now my house looks like a war zone. I have boxes stacked everywhere. Tables folded up leaning against the wall to take to her house. I want to make one last run through the cabinets to see if there is anything I missed that I want to get rid of that I never use. 

Now do you see why I need a list??? Does anybody want to trade places with me for the next 4-6 weeks? Maybe this is the To Do list I need.

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Terri D said...

I don't know how you get it all done! Oh my goodness!! 75 pre-schoolers. Bless you!! Good luck with your yard sale! Let us know how it goes. It's never too late to make a list. I'm the same way...there are lists everywhere. Keeps us going.