Happy birthday to my beautiful Mommy.

I am so blessed to still have my mom with us. She is 87 today. She is a colon cancer survivor and a breast cancer survivor. Both cancers were caught early enough that she had immediate surgery and was cured using no chemo and no radiation. Both times they got it all out first try with the surgeries. She has been there for me my entire life and I still enjoy every time I get to talk to her or go visit her. These pictures were taken in the last month or so. I just love how good she looks to be 87. I love you Mommy and hope you have a wonderful birthday.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Happy birthday to your precious Momma. It must be difficult to not live close to get to visit her often. So glad you have family who can send you fotos. HOPE you get some rest from VBS (mind and body) and have a great weekend getting back into your normal routine.

Anonymous said...

martha p
You & your mommy look alike.
Big Blessing to her on her very special Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Martha p
Brenda, you and your mommy look alike.
Big Blessings to her on her special day.

Terri D said...

Your mom is beautiful and you are so blessed to still have her in your life!! Happy birthday to her!