Just some thoughts....

I made myself this bag a few years back. But a friend saw it and begged me to sell it to her. She offered me a good price so I did. I planned to make another one but never got around to it. Well, a few weeks ago I found some fabric I loved so I bought it. I just have to go to Hobby Lobby this weekend and get the bag to make it. 

I am putting some turquoise and red in my office/craft room. I posted this a couple of years ago. I did find some turquoise pens and the stapler. Just gathering the rest of the stuff so I can do this.

Saw this on Pinterest one time and didn't know this milk glass piece existed. I keep looking for this in my shopping travels but haven't found it yet.

I had a Swedish Ivy plant a few years back but it got so big that I couldn't move it in the house during the winter so it died. I am going to see if I can find another smaller one for the house.

I am also looking for a plastic table cloth like I used to have. It looked lace but it was really soft plastic type material. It wiped clean so easy. But after a couple of years the "lace" part kept developing holes so I had to get rid of it.

I hate when something pops up in my Facebook memories now I am wanting a big skillet of hash browns. These were so good the last time I made them.

I had them with bacon sandwiches and it was too die for because the bacon that day turned out perfect!

I am on the search for the black snowflake Pyrex casserole bowl. A friend will make me the coaster once I find the bowl. If I can't get the black, but I get the blue snowflake, I will have her do blue and red instead of black and red.

Well, that's it for today. Have a happy Saturday.

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Terri D said...

I love following your creative ideas and how you carry them out! Do keep us posted!