New Breath For Steph

Allow me to introduce you to my friend, Stephanie. Stephanie suffers from Cystic Fybrosis. Her disease has progressed to the point that she has been approved for a double lung transplant. The expenses our phenomenal. I am working with a group who is holding a fundraiser on July 15th for Steph to help off set these expenses. We are looking for donations for the silent auction and craft booths. Donations can be made using Go Fund Me at Stephanie Goodall Lung Transplant. If you wish to donate crafts or items for the silent auction, please leave a comment or email us at newbreathforsteph@gmail.com.

The following story is told in Stephanie's own words as she embarked on this journey. Since she wrote this, she has been through the process and met approval to be eligible for a transplant. I hope you will read her story. She has unshakable for faith that God is going to get her through this and looks forward to the day when she can take a breath and not be in so much pain. Breathing is something we just do. We don't think about it and we don't plan for it. But for Stephanie it is a minute to minute challenge. She wears an oxygen tank everywhere she goes and takes an army of meds just to do what we do automatically....BREATH. Any donations or assistance for New Breath for Steph is greatly appreciated. If you can't donate, prayers for the success of the fundraiser and the double lung transplant are desperately needed as well. Stephanie, her husband Andrew, and her 8 year old daughter, Lily, thank you for taking the time to read this post.

(This was written in January and praise God since then she has met the criteria and is the final appointment this week to have her name placed on the transplant list)

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I have Cystic Fibrosis. I am to the point of my life with this horrible disease that I am in need of a Double lung transplant, at the point I am at I cannot stay well for more than a week without IV antibiotics. I am currently at 31% and they like to transplant patients at 30 and below so right now I am at the higher end but it could change fast. I have already been In contact with Vanderbilt we have already went once for a consult and some tests but we have to go back in January possibly February for a second visit, this time it will be meeting with the transplant team, a therapist, and a financial consultant. Then we will have one more visit after that before they decide if I am a candidate or not as it stand right now from the tests I have had, it looks like that I am so far. The hardest part on me right now is the whole not making it thing! I do believe in God and I fully believe he will have me the whole way and I will get through this with flying colors! The second is funds, this is going to be very expensive, not just the transplant surgery but all the co-pays and the visits back and forth to vandy we don't even have a reliable car to get us back and forth, furthermore after the surgery my husband Andrew and I will have to live within 10 miles of Vanderbilt for 3 months after my surgery. My husband is probably not going to be able to work so with that we will have to pay for the place we stay there with power and water, and all of our current bills now! This is going to be very difficult on us, anything you could donate no matter how big or small with make a difference! Thank you all so much and I will update as often as I can!!

Thank you again for taking the time to pray for Steph and her upcoming transplant. Please also pray for her fundraiser that it is a success to meet the needs of her process. Any donation whether it is financial or for the auction or craft fair at the fundraiser is greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for helping her tell her story and spread the word.