Retail Therapy

Heading out today for some retail therapy. First stop will be McKay's to exchange some books and then I'm heading to AC Moore & Kohl's and the local Dollar Tree. AC Moore has some great deals on bags and wristlets. I especially need a new beach bag and a wristlet.

I am also looking for a heart shape basket. I just fell in love with this. I thought it would be cute to make some in red, white and blue for July 4th. Then some in apple material for back to school, fall colors for autumn, etc. You get my drift.

Then tonight I am heading to the house of one of my church friends who is a big crafter. Her basement is one long finished craft room. She is going to help me with decorating for my new room at Children's Church. One thing we are going to do on one wall is a tree with brown paper and the limbs will each have a bright colored rosette and in the center will be a solid circle that has one of the Fruits of the Spirit on it. Super excited about this.

It's time to head out for the day. Have a great one.

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Terri D said...

How fun! Please post a picture of the finished wall with the rosettes! Great idea!