Is it too early?

Call me crazy, but I have started a Christmas Wish List. The way I look at it is if something catches my eye and I can't get it right now, I need to take a picture so I don't forget it later. It's a great way to get Christmas ideas if nothing else. Here are some things I saw the other day that I am wanting. One is this square skillet. It is the new craze of ceramic and titanium cookware. Supposed to be fantastic.

I also love these new cake pans and muffins tins that Target is carrying.

I still haven't bitten the bullet and purchased the new Vintage Charm Pyrex bowls. I may do that for my birthday.

I keep wanting to take homemade soup for lunch. But I always worry about it spilling out of plastic or worse yet, the plastic not heat good in the microwave. May just have to invest in one of these mugs.

There are a few things I am looking for between now and Christmas to use during the holidays. One is this Pyrex bowl. I love this size of bowl. They are awesome for leftovers and storage. I have several including some for Halloween and Valentine's, but I only have the snowflake one for Christmas. Now I want the trees.

And I am on the lookout for some Corelle Christmas dishes. This is a new pattern and if I can get them at the Corelle Outlet I may pick up a set.

It may be early, but at least I am planning ahead.

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Terri D said...

Planning ahead is always a good thing!