My updates from this week

I have gotten so lazy on my posting. It has just been a busy crazy few weeks. But I'm back to normal now. I did spend the 4th of July going antique shopping with my friend Sherrie. We had a great time, even if we just went to four stores before wearing ourselves out. I found a few things. One was a Corelle platter in the Pyrex Butterfly Gold pattern. I've seen these a lot of places for $18 - $24 and won't pay that for it. But I found this one for $4.

I also found this Corelle casserole dish that I've been looking for. It was $5.00 and in excellent shape.

I'm trying to collect as many of these 501 Pyrex bowls as I can till I can get every pattern they make. Found this one really cheap but can't remember what it was. I think around $3 or $4. I have different ones so far. I need to see how many there are total.

My happiest find of the day was this wooden spoon for $1.25. I know that sounds crazy, but I had a wooden spoon me and Allen used for 35 years and it broke last year when I was stirring brownies and I wanted another one that was all broke in and weathered. So I was thrilled to find this. 

I didn't buy this because it was $9 but I took the picture to remind me that I wanted to do this for my craft room. Next time I'm at the Dollar Tree I need to look for one.

Last time I went to this one store, Memory Antiques, I saw this booth and came home and pulled out my pink and sage green to redo my bedroom. But I'm still not happy with it because it's not girly looking enough. I have tans in my bedspread and it was more country rose, not pink. So I really want to look for a new bedspread and get some more pink in there. I always wanted a pink-pink lacy bedroom.

Instead of green in it, I want to incorporated some medium blues and maybe a little lavender. Kind of like the flowers in this tray that I wish I had bought. 

That's it for today. Hope you are all having a good week.

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Terri D said...

You found some great buys! I would love to go antique shopping with you!