Planning ahead

I am looking forward to my beach vacation later this summer. Sherrie and I go and we like going out shopping in the morning, having a late lunch and then going back to the hotel to go on the beach. We fix and easy supper in the room so we get to veg out in the evenings. I just love to sit on the balcony and work on plastic canvas patterns. It is time to start looking at what I want to work on this year so I can cut out patterns, check my yarn supply and purchase anything new I need to take with me. Here are some cute ideas of what I might choose from to work on this year. First are these adorable jar lids perfect for give snacks in a jar as gifts.

What a neat little coast. I have never thought to add fringe to my plastic canvas but it would be so easy.

Talk about easy. I have got to make some candy canes for my tree.

What an adorable pumpkin bowl.

I am going to make this over the weekend now so I can have something to put my needles in.

Oh, I love these coasters. The pattern, the yarn colors. Just everything about them.

This pattern reminds me of a tablecloth. How cute is this little box. Boxes and coasters are my favorite things to make.

But I also love baskets. I have never made one that you actual "weave" a basket when you are done. I may have to try this. I love to weave.

A basket for every holiday. How adorable.

Oh wow. Not sure I can accomplish the shape on these, but oh I would love to try.

How cute are these little plaid ornaments. I am loving the plaid patterns.

Now to makes some decisions and start shopping for yarn colors. It has been a while since I bought new yarn. Sometimes I just buy the yarn because I like the color and then figure out what to make with it. But I may be smarter this time and pick out what I'm making first. 

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