The never ending project....

Do you have that one room that always seems to be a "work in progress". Well, if you follow my blog you will see I have a billion ideas on how to do my home office. I have even followed through at times and shared the finished project with joy. Only to look at it a month or two later and realize it is still not what I wanted. Having said that, let me tell you I am at it again. 

I am happy with my some of the organizing parts I have done and those will not change...at least not much. My challenge is the two separations of office/craft areas. To be more specific my office desk and craft table. My desk needs replaced. I even tried moving it into the living room but when I do my Thirty-One work, all my papers are still in the office. That's not working. So I want to put my desk back in the office/craft room. But it is really too small for what I want in a desk. So I started looking at options. According to Pinterest, you can create your own with a couple of file cabinets or drawer units and a piece of counter top.

While this is very clean and very lovely and has lots of room. It's not very cost efficient. So I will continue to search for the perfect desk. In the meantime, I am also not very happy with my folding table I use for a craft table. I toyed with the idea of sprucing it up with a "skirt" around it. But that seems like to much work. Especially to get the look they have here.

Although, the skirt on this one is nice and would cover up those unsightly legs on the table. I have cabinets and shelves and stands that I use in that room for my office files and craft supplies, so I just want a big desk top for my computer, printer and a filing tray, pen holder, stapler and a lamp. Drawers are not required. This might work good for converting a table into a desk. And the 4' table I have would be the perfect size for a desk.

On a side note, I saw this in my Pinterest search for offices. I think it is adorable. 

Back to the desk dilemma. So If I do use the table I have for a desk, I still need a table for my crafts. So I was thinking just to get a second table like the one I have. Use one for a desk and one for crafts. The one for crafts, I could actually paint the legs like they did here to dress it up a little. I honestly think this is kind of cute. And talk about easy. The table is only around $24 at Sam's and Walmart which is way cheaper than a desk.

A final option is to check out tables like I have only in color. Walmart carries a 6' in different colors. I love the red. That would up the look of the plain white table. But I need a 4' not a 6'. I will keep looking.

Decisions. Decisions. I think pay day will require a trip to Walmart or Sam's.

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Terri D said...

All good ideas and I'll be happy to see what you finally decide on!