Top 10 Tuesday

As you will see by today's post, I have been on Pinterest. These are the things that have caught my fancy. 

As we start looking forward to fall in a couple of months, I notice I have some Pyrex that is perfect for fall displays but I'd like to find more. I saw this on Pinterest and just fell in love with it. I saw a medium bowl like this one time but had no idea the entire set was solid colors.

This set also caught my eye because it is gray. I have seen a lot of Pyrex patterns over the years out in the wild (antique stores, yard sales, etc.) but never gray.

Pink always catches my eye and I just love these cups.

I don't know why but this just was so adorable. I love red and white checks and plaids so this was sure to peak my interest.

You know, I could pre-cut all this and take it with me to work on when I go to the beach. I like to craft after I get settled in for the night and some nights I get tired of plastic canvas.

These are really cute and I could turn these out pretty fast.

I just heard about something called wood gel paint. Apparently you can paint on plastic with it and give the plastic a wood like finish. I am wondering if anyone has ever heard of this? This pic shows it on a PVC pipe, but I'm wondering if that would cover my white table that I am wanting to give some kind of makeover to.

I showed you my new tablecloth pic the other day (still in the package). I am going to incorporate some lavender, lilac and purple into my dining room for something different. Check out this neat idea.

And oh my gosh all this floral is right up my alley.

My sister and all my Roma cousins are going to be so proud of me. I have decided to start collecting a small collection of Fiestaware. But I just want shades of purples, navy and blues to accentuate my new color scheme in my dining room. I'm super excited about it. 

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Terri D said...

All lovely!! Fiesta Ware will be a fun collection!