Friday's Finds

I went to an antique store yesterday that a friend put on Facebook. It is call Stella & Ruby's Vintage & Variety and is on Hwy 321 outside Gatlinburg. 

I believe it is only one owner. Unlike the multi-shop antique stores where each booth has their own stuff, this has everything organized with like items.

And you have to look everywhere because there is even stuff up high and hanging from the ceiling. You never now what you will find.

For those of you vintage lovers who collect the old red utensils, you will be in 7th heaven. This is just one of about 4 or 5 displays of the old utensils.

They even have some of the old pots with red handles.

Percolators of all kinds.

And I love how they have it in the old style kitchen.

I was fascinated by the jars of smaller collectibles. My grandson got three different types of dice for his big brother who collects dice.

I was so thrilled to finally find glass door knobs at good prices. I wanted one for a Pinterest project and couldn't find it. I haven't bought one yet, because I need to go find the project again because I forgot what I was going to make.

Lots of vintage Tupperware and plastic items, all in excellent condition.

And for you photo buffs who love vintage cameras, you should really go check these out.

 I was so thrilled with the Pyrex collection and the prices are so reasonable. There was a lot in my Town & Country pattern and a lot of the acorn pattern that I fell in love with.

Lot of cute little metal items. Especially the little measuring cups. Again, pricing is fabulous on everything. I didn't really see anything that was extremely too pricey. 

They have an awesome collection of phones. I'm planning on a trip back to purchase one soon.

I only had a short time to browse as I had to pick up my granddaughter at cheer practice. But I did manage to find the Pyrex Verde 402 mixing bowl I have been looking for. It was only $8.00. I saw it at two other shops recently and one wanted $22 and one wanted $25. See what I mean, excellent pricing.

I have been looking for some vintage round clothes pins for some projects. They had these for just $3.00. I know I could buy new ones for less, but I want vintage for a reason. So I am very happy with these. 

After I left there, I decided to stop at the little mini flea market that sets up in the parking lot behind Dunn's Market. One lady had some vintage items and if she saw me pick something up and look at it, she would change the price. This was $3.00 and when I picked it up she said you can have that for $1.00. For a vintage ice bucket with the original tongs. Heck yes I bought it. 

And this lamps was marked $5.00. I pick it up and she said it worked and I could have it for $1.00. It does work I checked when I got home. She said it is vintage and the cord is one that is like the cords from older years. If I had to guess, I would say about the 60's or 70's. The cord is very faded and old and has the prongs that are the skinny size of days gone by. I was looking for a lamp with height to fill a corner, not necessarily for the light itself. I'm going to get me a shade for it at Walmart. They have the perfect one to go with it.

And my last find of the day was at the table beside hers. The lady was packing up to leave and I spotted this vintage pitcher. I researched it. It turns out these striped pitchers I keep finding were made in the 1950's by Anchor Hocking in colors to match Fiestaware. The line was called Fiesta Stripes and came in many assorted stripe colors and patterns from sets of small stripes to the big wide bands. I have found them for as low as $14.99 plus $9.99 shipping and as high as $45.99 + shipping. I got mine for $2.00. I think it would be beautiful filled with mums and on a table for fall. I think my daughter wants this one.

As you can see, I had some great finds. Be sure and visit Ms. Debbie's Friday Foto Friends to check out what everybody else has been up to this week. 


Jan said...

Looks like my kind of place!

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

I love antique stores, thrift stores, and flea market stalls filled with vintage housewares.

Mevely317 said...

It's a good thing I live clear across the country, or I go nuts-o here - totally forgetting my resolution to downsize ... to purge.

That striped pitcher? Ooooh, I want!
... and, if I get my way and we find an affordable 1920(ish) home, those door knobs might be just the ticket!

Terri D said...

You ALWAYS find the best shops and the best bargains!! Wow!!

Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, my mercy, I've gotta go there... I have a collection of vintage hand tools with the wooden handles from one of my collecting phases! It'd take a while to see everything, huh? Thanks for sharing! 💜

Aritha said...

I love to see "your shop". Very nice.