Some things I'm thinking about today...

It's going to be a crazy day. I do like the quilt I am trying out so I stopped at Walmart last night and bought a set of the pillow shams. They only had one set and I didn't even think to look at the size. Ended up with King size when I actually needed Standard. So a trip to Walmart is in my future sometime today to look for the Standard size.

How many of you have memories of the old Hoosier cabinets? I have long wanted one of these but can't find one in good enough shape at a price I can afford. But I continue to look. If I ever get one, I want to fill it up with Pyrex, FireKing, Glasbake and Federal bowls and bakeware.

I am on the hunt for a set of vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy. I like the soft cream fabric instead of the bright white. I should look for the really primitive ones, but some of them are scary looking. This is the style I like .... although this particular set is on sale for $1500 on the internet. Yep, not gonna get this pair.

Heading to McKay's today to change out some books. There are two books I need to complete a series. Surely in a store this size, I can find those two books. 

Tonight I get to go to Smoky Mountain Adventures. This is Dolly Parton's new dinner show in Pigeon Forge. As an employee of Dixie Stampede, we market this show as well so they are giving us all a free ticket so we are able to tell our guests about it. I am going with Sue & Mary from work and expect it will be a very fun time.

Time to get ready to head to McKay's. Have a great day.


Debbie Huffaker said...

They had a Hoosier Cabinet at Common Cause Thrift Store on Chapman Highway last week. I didn't check the price, but it was wood, not painted. You might call and get the price.

Sandi said...

Raggedy Ann and Andy!

Misty water-colored memories...

Terri D said...

Let us know how the new dinner show goes! My aunt had a cupboard like that in her kitchen. Have no idea what happened to it.


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