Let's have a laugh

After working about an 11 hour day yesterday, my brain is fried this morning. We had a health fair combined with a show plus 2 regular shows at work yesterday. PLUS I went down to our sister show and worked one of their shows. Talk about a busy day! But today is an easy 6 hour day with just one show ending with food and fun and celebration for our monthly employee event after work. I am really looking forward to an easy day today. Going to work is always fun for me, whether it is a long day or a short day. And the fall decorations we have really adds to the festive air around the office. My favorite is our horse fall display.

When you have days like yesterday, if you just learn to laugh you can get through the craziness. Here's some of my favorite funnies that made me laugh recently.


Sylvia said...

Take time for yourself! It's great that you enjoy your job, it sure makes it easier to go to work. Cute cartoons.

Rachel said...

Love the fall decorations! ❤️

Terri D said...

Thanks for the giggles! Glad you got through your tough day and have a fun time to look forward to!!