I'm turning 61 today

My life in pics. Me at just a week old... (Don't worry, there are not 61 pictures)

Me at 2 when I was going through the terrible twos and was mad because I had to wear shoes (I'm on the right).

Me at about 3 or 4

About 5 or 6

Me at 10 or so

Me at 18

Me in my early 20's

My mid 30's 

My late 40's

My early 50's

Me last year at 60.

Today I turn 61. But no photo on that because I don't do selfies. So I'll just wish myself a happy birthday and go bake a cake. Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Happy wonderful birthday...I'm a follower but do not have a reading your adventures...di

Jan said...

Have a very happy birthday! (I'm 61 too, since August!)

Debbie Huffaker said...

Such a sweet post. Hope you've had a great birthday 🎂!

Terri D said...

Happy birthday, Brenda!! I'm a little ahead of you, but the 60s are a great decade! Enjoy it!! If I lived close, I would bake you a birthday cake dear friend!! Wishing you a beautiful day and a year ahead full of so many blessings!