Random Wednesday

Some things I have been meaning to share.....

We had Secret Santa at work this year. A gentleman by the name of Charles got my name. He and his wife Lydia are dear friends of mine. He apparently remembered me showing him the post on my blog about my Peppermint Dust Hot Chocolate where I use a nutmeg grater to grate candy canes into my chocolate. I went in to work and this was under the tree. He did it all himself. I was very impressed.

He had bought me a basket (which I am using in my craft room) and he filled it with all the makings for my peppermint dust hot chocolate...including a new cup to make it in. I love getting thoughtful gifts where the giver takes the time to put real thought in the gift.

So the very next morning I had some while I worked on my blog. It was so good. Thanks, Charles, for such a thoughtful gift.

A lady named Dee that I work with asked me one day to spell all the names of my family members. It had been awhile and I had forgotten all about it. Then she gave me this gift for Christmas. I love things that are personalized so I just adore this. Thank you so much Dee. I absolutely love it. 

Last Saturday night I attended my first live Facebook party for a friend who is selling Paparazzi jewelry. Everything they have is just $5.00. Every necklace comes with matching earrings and all their jewelry is nickel and lead free. They do a live video and show you the jewelry they have in their inventory and give you a # for that piece. If you like it, you comment SOLD and the item # and it's yours. I bought this piece that I fell in love with. The color is gunmetal black with pink stones. It's gorgeous. The picture doesn't do it justice. I can't wait to wear it. 

New Year's eve got a little crazy. I had to work until 10:00 that night and somewhere around 8:00 somebody said it was snowing. We were all like WHAT??? So I had to go out and see for myself. It wasn't much and the roads were bad but when you weren't expecting anything, this was kind of neat. Do you like our Dixie Stampede lawn ornaments. These balls are huge. 

I am going to Hobby Lobby this weekend and hopefully get some charms to make my Happy Planner charm chain. This is just one example of the planner charms.  

I still need to make it to Old Time Pottery to check out their vintage style glassware. I really want some of this but not sure if they still carry it.

And hopefully I will be able to find this new dish set at Walmart. I wanted it for Christmas but they weren't carrying it at my Walmart. I am going to  check some neighboring towns.

We just got a new Checkers restaurant in a few weeks ago. I haven't ever been to one but they say the food is really good. I would like to try these. They are funnel cake fries. Yes that is a funnel cake...shaped like a fry. I love funnel cake so I may have to try these. 

Well, that's all my random thought for the day. Have a great day.

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Terri D said...

Checkers is one of the only two fast food places Joe will go to. We love the Checkers fries. I'm not sure ours has the funnel cake fries but we need to find out! Yum!!