Been thinking again....

Just some things I'm think about today....

Several years ago I had bought some of these embroidered towels and gave as gifts. Then when I went back to get some more they had closed the store. I sure wish I knew where I could find some.

I had this purse many years ago back when I cared about what people said or thought about what I did. A lady at church asked me why I was still carrying a diaper bag when my grandkids weren't in diaper. She said it in a room full of people and I laughed it off. But in truth, I was so embarrassed that I quit carrying it and eventually sold it. Now I realize it would be the perfect bag for work. Hold everything I need. Now I want to find one. And I don't care if anybody like it or not. It was a purse that could be used for many things.

I have often wondered if I could crochet with thread. I have mastered the single stitch and turning the corner and going the other direction. It is not perfect by any means and I have only did a few little samples a few inches big. But my biggest problem comes from my needle going through the yarn and not where it should go. So I'm thinking thread might work better.

I am going to Hobby Lobby because they have the brand for a little over $2.00 for the roll. Just can't decide if I want to try solid or variegated. Probably better stick with a solid color for first try.

I would love to learn how to do these flowers and make a bookmark.

Some lady crochet a bunch of loopy chains and put them together to make a scarf.

If I could master the flowers this is cute for bookmarks

Or maybe I could just do a circle and make bookmarks. I do believe the thread will make a better bookmark...not as thick as a yarn one. 

I am great at just chain stitching. So much easier than turning around. One lady made a chain and looped it to make a scarf.

This lady did a LONG chain in order to make this scarf.  I wouldn't probably wear one but it is cute on this dress.

Maybe this little bow bookmark would be at my skill level.

Who knows what I'll end up doing. But I just know I want to try.

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Terri D said...

Those crochet projects are all really cute! I haven't crocheted in so long. Let us know what you start!!