Looking ahead

I'm just not sure how to dress. I ran out this morning for a quit trip and wore sweat pants and a t-shirt....WITH FLIP FLOPS. Guess the warm weather spoiled me and I just can't decide if it is spring or winter.

I start looking ahead to spring no matter what the weather is. In another couple of months it will be time to think about patio furniture and plants. I want to find another Swedish ivy. Except this time, I have a place to bring it in and sit it during winter. Lost one I had before because we had nowhere to put it in the house. It was HUGE. I want another one.

I want Boston ferns for my front porch. I love those.

I think I want white rockers for my front porch with a small table between them

I want a small patio set for the back porch, but won't need an umbrella.

Several years ago, Thirty-One created this look for an office. I loved it at the time and I love it still, even though you can't get these patterns any more. I really regret not getting them back when they had them. 

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Terri D said...

Fun stuff!! You have such a great eye!