Pie Bird Vents

Well, I did go back and get the blue and white pie bird this weekend. I am just so much in love with it.

While I was there, I went ahead and picked up a red one as well. 

Pie vents have been used to let steam escape from pies since the Victorian era. But the bird figurines weren't popular until the 1940's and were believed to be created from the nursery rhyme, Sing a song of sixpence. I have only seen them in solid colors before, but my research shows me there are a lot more than just solid colors that were made. I love the black and white polka dotted one.

But oh look at this one! The weird thing is, I don't eat pie so I don't bake it. But if I could find one of these, I would bake an apple pie for 4th of July and take it to work. 

I really like this one and may try to find it as well. It looks like the blue birds that I see around my house.

I do want to find the yellow/orange one to sit with my Town and Country Pyrex pattern.

I also want to look for a black one just because. No other reason than just because.

These two are on E-bay for $15 for the set plus shipping. It says they are vintage, but I just don't want to pay that much for them.  

I will have to keep checking my local stores to see what other styles I can find. 

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Terri D said...

Now I'm going to be looking for these when I am out and about. Cute, cute, cute!!!