Time to regroup...

I have done it again. I let myself get run down. These past two weeks we have been shorthanded at work so I have worked over, done jobs I wasn't scheduled for that day, and just basically helped out where I could. 

In addition to 40+ hours at work, I have studied a new Children's Church work book and created my lesson plans for the weeks I have it for the next month. 

I have also been doing research on crafts for VBS and decorations for VBS for our craft room. I did those ordered this week and it was a major undertaking to decide what I wanted to do. I had to get orders place now so the items I want don't get sold out or back ordered before VBS. 

We are also doing a church directory and since I am the Co-ordinator I have been staying after church to sign people up and putting them in the computer system so the appointments don't get double booked. 

Working on redoing a website for a friend. 

Add to that my recent obsession with redoing my craft room and since I am going through boxes and seeing what I have and don't have, I just went ahead and started pulling out and pricing items for my spring yard sale. 

Then one day at work we greeted groups in the damp cold rain and I woke up with a sore throat. And now I have a full blown head cold. I know it is because I have let myself get ran down. So I've been used my tried and true remedies to help me get back to normal...whatever normal is.

But y'all know me. One day of rest and I'll be right back at it till I have another crash. But the good news is the Children's Church lesson is ready, the VBS stuff is ordered and the Directory entries are caught up to date. I also finished the website this morning. 

Now for some much needed R & R on the rest of my day off. Have a great day. 


Annie said...

Wow, you certainly were busy.
I hope you get well soon. I hate colds but I love Vicks when I have one!
Have a great weekend.

Terri D said...

Brenda, how in the world to you manage to do all you do? I was co-coordinator for our church's directory (many) years ago and know it is a monumental task. Bless you!! Please take care!!

Joyful said...

It is difficult to have balance in this day and age. Life seems busier and busier especially if you work and volunteer too. I hope your remedies work and you are feeling well soon.

Debbie Huffaker said...

Hope you're feeling lots better after getting some rest! 💜

doodles n daydreams said...

You've certainly been busy, it's so easy to forget to look after yourself in the busyness of life and end up run down. Been there, done that, don't want to do it again :) I hope you're feeling on the up now and enjoying life once more.