Weekend wrap up

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend. Our weather was gorgeous up in the day, even though the morning had a little nip in the air. I went to Sunrise Service. We are on top a hill and seeing the sun peak up through the trees is breathtaking.

Saturday, a friend left this on my desk. Chocolate. Mint. What's not to love!

Another friend knows I am making flower arrangements and she gave me these beautiful tulips. They are so dainty. 

My daughter discovered a new home goods store in Knoxville and bought me this gorgeous pitcher. I am loving it.

When I got to church a friend gave me an Easter egg and it had this gorgeous bracelet in it.

I did work about 6 hours last night, but that gave me time to have my Easter dinner. Plus I took deviled eggs and brownie cookies to work with me so that is always a big hit when you take food to work. Picking up the three youngest grandchildren this evening and keeping them for the next two days. It's hard to tell what all we will do, but it is guaranteed to be fun. 


Amy said...

Makenzie got the same York bunny! Lol

Terri D said...

Yum to that peppermint bunny! I know you are having fun with the kiddos! They are so lucky to have such a fun grandma!!