Pass the candy please....

 I just love vintage candy dishes. The beautiful designs. The cut glass, the etched glass. I use some for candy but some just to set around. My favorite two are on my coffee table. I bought this one for the unique diamond shape.

And this one because I love the gold trim on it. It just looks so regal.

Some of my favorite vintage glass is made by Indiana Glass from the 40's and 50's. So I decided to see what candy dishes they made. I didn't realize the my two favorites I own were Indiana Glass. Both of the ones above popped up in my search. Happy dance. Then I found a lot more that I liked. This one I liked really well in this blue.

Then I saw it in green. Be still my heart. I love this.

I seen a lot of pieces in my antique trips that have the ruby band, but never this tall skinny one. I am going to have to look for this.

This one is called Honeycomb. This color is just absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of sea glass. 

Then I found that they made it in blue, amber, clear, green and this gorgeous purple. Ms. Debbie at Breathing in Grace would love the purple one I am sure. 

I've seen this one before in some local shops. It is usually out of the budget of what I am willing to pay. 

I have known about and dreamed about this one for years and years. It is carnival glass and the pattern is called King's Crown. I just can't find it at the right price and I refuse to pay a King's ransom for a candy dish. But my search continues. It is an iridescent blue and green and if you hold it to the light a certain way a little amber and purple show through. I have seen them. I have picked them up and touched them. But oh, the prices people put on them are just outrageous. I do have  

One day I did find a shorter one in the ruby piece. I did buy it and love it, but I really want one like the one above. Here is the little one I have. 

There is a big yard sale this Saturday at the Smokie's Baseball Stadium. I am going to it in hopes I finding something from the Indiana Glass family. I will keep you posted. 


Terri D said...

These are all beautiful! Let us know what you find!!

Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, my, yes....I 💜 the purple one!