Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
I am very blessed to have the mother I had. When I think of my mom, I think of love, kindness, patience, understanding, warmth, homemade cookies, fried chicken and meatloaf, laundry on the line, walks to the library, endless games of Scrabble, Yahtzee and Rook, friendship, and the list could go on. A product of the 50's, I was blessed with parents who were the example of what love should be. I have nothing but wonderful memories of a closeness and bond that held us all together. There is nothing like a mother's love. My mom will 80 on June 10th and is still in very good health. She goes where she wants; when she wants. I thank God every day for giving me such a wonderful mother who set the bar for the rest of the family. When I was little, I would watch Mom clean, cook, play, and love us. I would think "Can I be you when I grow up?" What better tribute can we give our mother's than to strive to follow in their footsteps and be an example for our children.
I love you, Mommy.
My mother, Helen Louise Garretson
My sister Rachel, Mom, and me.

Rachel, Mom and me at the Chimneys last year.

Another special Mother in my life, was my mother-in-law. She has been gone almost 20 years and we miss her dearly. She had heart problems, but had been through successful surgery and lived a normal life for many years after the surgery. My father-in-law came home from work one day and she was on the couch with the phone receiver laying beside her. She had passed away and her death came as a great shock to us all. We wanted her with us for many more years to come.

She was the best mother-in-law a wife could have. She was always there for us. She loved me and I loved her. She was so easy to talk to. She had a warm smile, a gentle laugh and a nice tight hug to show you what you meant to her. She never interfered in our lives, but she was there if we needed her. Allen worked 4 ten hour days and was off every Friday. All the years that he worked that schedule, when Friday rolled around, he would head to his Mom's on Friday morning for a cup of coffee and a visit with just the two of them. She was a special lady and her passing left a void in our lives that nothing will ever fill.
We love you and miss you!
My husband Allen and his mom, Norma Louise Keefer (known to all as "Pete")
Allen and Pete on her last trip to Tennessee before her unexpected death. I dedicate this post today to not only my mother and Allen's mother, but I dedicate it in loving memory of our grandmother's who have all passed on to be with the Lord. Mary Elizabeth Garretson Rachel Irene Eden Pansy Keefer Helen Gray


Deb said...
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Rachel said...

I love this!! It's wonderful! That was a great tribute! ( I don't know about the picture of me, you and Mom on the couch!) Oh My!!!!!! We actually don't look to bad. What a wonderful tribute to our Mommy! An amazing and great lady!! I love you and hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Bee's Place said...

Thanks Deb.

Rachel, I wondered about using that one, but not everybody looks as good in their PJ's as we did that day.