The Power of Positive Thinking

In 1952, one the most profound self-help books was written by Norman Vincent Peale, founder of Guideposts magazine. It was called The Power of Positive Thinking. In the professional speaking industry, he is known as one of the greatest motivators of all times. What many don't know is that Peale applied Christianity to everyday problems blending its principles into a message of positive thinking. Peale said, "through prayer you ... make use of the great factor within yourself, the deep subconscious mind ... [which Jesus called] the kingdom of God within you ... Positive thinking is just another term for faith." I love this man!! If you know me at all, you know I am a faith fanatic. I don't go through life looking for the "woe is me's" or the "if only's". I accept what comes my way, pray to God to get me through it, and have faith that He will deliver. I am usually so optimistic that my cup is not half-full, my cup is always flowing over and I'm scurrying around trying to figure out how to catch the overflow. My life is so precious to me and I want to squeeze every moment of pure happiness from it that I can. I don't think God placed us here among all this beauty to start the gloom and doom society. He wants us to enjoy what He has provided for us and let Him handle the rest. I find joy in such simple things. Spending time just watching the antics of my grandchildren, snuggling on the couch to watch TV with my hubby, watching my children as parents, talking to my Mom on the phone, getting an email from my sister. I like get-togethers with friends, church functions, shopping on Saturday. Laughing at old sit-coms, reading the Sunday comics, browsing through yard sales. Being alive. Life is for living. It is too short to sit around and "nit-pic" every little decision or thought to pieces to look for underlying meanings. Develop a positive mindset. Put your faith in God. Get out and enjoy the life he has given you. Don't sweat the small stuff. When we get in our deepest, darkest valleys, God has a way out provided for us. He will smile on you and handle any obstacle you face if you just let him.


Deb said...
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Bee's Place said...

Thanks, Deb. I woke up with such happiness in my heart this morning and new it was going to be a great day. And it has been. He never lets me down. I just want everybody to enjoy life the way He wants us to.

Rachel said...

Very uplifting and just what I needed! Thanks! Do you have that book, The Power of Positive Thinking? If you do, send it to me, please. Have a great Sunday :)

Mano said...


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