Another new one....

I do not know how people who collect antiques or run antique shops can keep track of brands and designs and manufacturers. It boggles the mind. Every time I find something I like and start researching it, that leads to something else I find that I start researching. Hopping around on blogs this week led me to a post about Taylor Smith Taylor. Which led to even more research. Here are some items that were my favorites.

I still have not found a cream and sugar bowl to purchase. But I do like this set.

Perfect little cereal bowls.

Another blue pattern.

Sister is going to love these pink flowers with the pink interior of the cups. How cute are they?

Of course, she will also like this pretty turquoise set since she has a whole section of her kitchen dedicated to turquoise and pink.

This is Taylor Smith Taylor's Ever Yours Boutinniere pattern. I keep seeing this pattern and falling in love with it. 

Look at this entire vintage pink set they made. That is absolutely gorgeous.

They didn't just do pastels. Look at this tall pitcher with the rooster. This really caught my eye.

All the blue Ever Yours pattern reminded me of the vintage Fire King pattern called Bonnie Blue. Mom had a set of these. You would get them free in Mother's Oats. Daddy always drank his coffee from them. I see this set on Etsy and Ebay all the time, but I want to find one at a thrift store or yard sale. I saw them everywhere last year when I first got into yard sales and thrift stores. Now that I want a set, I probably won't find them anywhere.

I'm taking the day off today and heading out to some vintage shops to see what I can find. Have an awesome Good Friday.


Creations By Cindy said...

Mercy, there is no telling at the dishes and trinkets I have in my shed that would boggle your mind! ha! Now I think I need to start researching! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Rachel said...

I absolutely love those pink dishes! I will have to keep an eye out for them.

beachinmom said...

I think I have those turquoise banded dishes. I just bought a set off eBay and I'd love to know the manufacturer and find some more available. Do you have any ideas?