Weekend Wrap Up

Friday started out great as hubby and I had our date day. We ran around several places and did some window shopping. It was a pretty day but windy so we decided not to do any antiquing. We did end up the day at the new Russell Stover outlet just up the road from where we live. Not so sure it was a good thing for them to be so nearby.

It was HUGE. I just thought it would be boxes of chocolates. But I was wrong. They had the standard Russell Stover boxed sets, but they also had display cases where you could make your own. Imagine buying a whole pound of chocolate caramels. Wow. We did good though; we mostly just looked.

It was actually so overwhelming that I wasn't even sure where to start.

My favorite part was the blooper room. Apparently, the rejects are bundled and sold in bulk bags. You could get a pound of disfigured turtles for around six bucks. It was a neat area to go through.

I did have to buy something. I couldn't go to a candy store and come home empty handed. So I bought a bag of the chocolate mints for just $1.59. They were delicious.

Since caramel is one of my loves, I couldn't pass up this Wilderness Bar for .49 cents. I haven't tried it yet. I'm saving it for "one of those days". 

What really surprised me was the ice cream section. Oh my gosh! They had so many to sample that I couldn't even make up my mind. I might go back soon and get the one I tried that had caramel and chocolate fudge and pecans swirled through vanilla ice cream. It was divine. 

You could get it by the cup, the cone, or the pint. They also had either a quart or a gallon but I can't remember what the other option was. But we decided to get a pint for hubby to take home.

He picked the blackberry cobbler. He said it even has broken up pie crust in it. He loved it. Said it tasted just like cobbler with ice cream on it. Next week, he wants to try the peaches and cream. 

Saturday was a busy day. We had our local Celebrate and Connect meeting for Thirty-One. As always, it was a blast. I have so much fun connecting with everyone and learning new ways to grow my business. I like to collect the buttons and badges to add to my rewards board to remind me why I do Thirty-One. 

And I love getting the free amenity just for showing up. Thirty-One is awesome for rewarding us every time they can. It is always one of the products that we get for free and it is always something that thrills us. But they outdid themselves this past meeting. I was blown away. I couldn't believe what we got. But I can't share it yet. The meetings vary on location and they have them for a full week so you can select what one you want to attend. I don't want to spoil the surprise on what we got until all the meeting are over and the other Thirty-One gals get to experience the thrill of seeing what they get. So I'll have to wait until after the 23rd to let you know what it was. 

Then after the Thirty-One meeting, I went to a birthday party for the children of a friend of mine. The little girl turned 4 and the little boy turned 2. They had the party at Pump It Up in Knoxville. The kids had a great time and a lot of the parents were tumbling down the slides as well. It was a great evening and a couple of the other grandmother's from church were there as well so I got to visit with some friends at the party. 

Sunday, I got up and went to church, but when I came home I ate some lunch and then started feeling queasy at my tummy. I tried to read the paper but couldn't even make it through the comics.

I had a horrible headache so I took a little nap. After I woke up, I felt a little better but still had the upset tummy so I laid around in jammies and did some Facebook-ing and the snuggled with my blankie and book on the couch for awhile. 

Hubby came home and fixed us some supper while I took a long, hot shower and then we spent the evening watching We Are Marshall. How many of you have seen the movie? If you haven't, you should watch it. It is the true story of the Marshall University plane crash from 1970 that killed everyone aboard which included the Marshall football team. It's not a movie just about football. It's a movie about a town that suffered a great loss and had to rise up out of the ashes. It is from my hometown area and I was 13 when it happened. But I remember laying in the floor playing bingo and they broke into the regular program to announce what happened. I love this movie, but I usually cry most of the way through it because I remember a lot of it so well. 

That's a wrap for my weekend. What did you do with yours?

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