Weekend Wrap Up & Pyrex Pleasures

I got a package from my sister last week and she had sent me a couple more of the crochet dishcloths I adore. I love the colors in these. 

I am not a NASCAR fan but while I was stopped at a gas station I noticed this racing semi that had the back doors open, so I snapped a pic just for fun. Not even sure who's truck this is. 

I had some Mother's Day money so I took myself to a store that has tons of booths in it. It is not an antique store so the prices were very reasonable. I am in love with the 401 mixing bowls. They are the smallest in the nesting bowls. I have a divided serving dish in the Americana so this is my second piece in that pattern. 

I do not have any yellows. When I spotted this baby sitting on the shelf, I knew it had to come home with me. I thought it might be part of the daisy Cinderella, but one of my Facebook groups thinks it is the Town and Country solid yellow. It is a soft shade of yellow, not bright. Any experts know for sure which set? I just know I adore it. 

But the one that made my day was my very first piece of turquoise. I am beyond thrilled. I have this in the flamingo pink so I have been looking everywhere for the turquoise. 

Aren't my solids pretty all stacked together? I just know hubby is going to claim the yellow for when he makes country steak and gravy. It is the perfect size. 

I also got this cool plate. It says British Bread and Cheese plate. It is made by John Buck in England. I don't have a clue if it is vintage or not, but I fell in love with it. 

Not a bad haul for less than $20 including tax. Made for a great Mother's Day gift. And the great part is...I haven't even washed them up yet. They looked this good right off the shelf. SCORE!


Liz said...

Your bowls look so pretty all stacked together! I love those crocheted washcloths. I need to hint around to my mom I need a new supply!

Charlotte Crawley said...

Yes I love your solid colored bowls.