I love my new Christmas App

I love having apps on my phone that keep me organized. I downloaded one the other day that I am so glad I found. It is a free app called Christmas List Pro. It has this cute little Santa as it's logo so you will know which one to download if you think you might like it. 

It is very user friendly, making it easy to create your own custom gift list. Simply click on the person you want to add. There is a place to enter sizes, how much you want to spend, items you want to purchase, and a check box to mark the item purchased. It then shows you how many of the items on your list you have purchased for each person and lets you know what still needs purchased.

You can easily set a password so anyone using your phone can't check your list. You can also keep track of your spending so you don't go overboard.

I can already tell I'll be making my list and checking it twice with the help of this neat little app.


Pamela Graves said...

oh, I have to have this one! I am a list maker - this will be handy! thanks for sharing~

Rachel said...

I had those Merry Christmas Santa ones. What did I ever do with those? I had those things for years.