Vintage Christmas Salt and Pepper Shakers

I was in the mood to look up some vintage Christmas items last night on the internet. I stumbled across some cute salt and pepper shakers. I don't collect S & P, but I did pick up a cute set with gingerbread men this summer. Here are some I saw that I liked. This was a popular set that I've seen a lot of.

These are cute. I just love Santas.

Somebody had a set of these. Either Mom or Rachel or me. Just don't remember who.

I love this set. 

And I would love to find these deer. 

And these are so whimsical. They are so cute. 

I fell in love with these little Snow people. It would be cute to have.

I have always loved Charlie Brown. He's my fave. So this would definitely be something I would buy if I found it. 

And I went nuts over this snowman and snow woman. Especially since I'm doing these colors in my kitchen this year. 

But the one that stole my heart was this one. Two of my favorite items together...nutcrackers and Russian stacking dolls. Oh, how I would love to own this set.


Breathing In Grace said...

I have that first set. My aunt used to run a floral shop and she got each of the ladies in the family as set of those. I set them on the back of my stove at CHRISTmas!!! Sweet memories!!!

Kim said...

My Mom had the first set too. I love these old sets.

Unknown said...

Very adorable.

SuzieQ said...

Well..lol...in researching a pair of fawn salt and pepper shakers I was led to your blog using an image search.The deer must be rarely sold because I've found just 2 images online..Do you know if they were Christmas shakers or were they from the Bambi era? I have a set and know nothing about them.

Mamaw's Place said...

SuzieQ, I found them on a vintage sight somewhere. I believe they were Christmas because when I found them I had googled Vintage Christmas salt & pepper shakers. From the looks of them, I would say around mid - late 50's.