Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Today would be Allen's 65th birthday. I miss him so much but so thankful for so many wonderful memories.

Like the crazy trip to Chattanooga where we fought almost all day because we never could find where we were headed and then laughed about it for years because when we gave up looking we ended up right where we were looking for. 

Like the way we always ended up with all the teen nieces and our daughter in our car when the family came to visit and he was having to listen to conversations over who had the biggest butt. They didn't have any qualms about discussing whatever they wanted in front of him. 

Like the way we watched McClintock with John Wayne or American President with Michael Douglas every time it came on. We loved those movies.

And the way we would sit on the porch swing in the evening and talk and talk and talk. Or sometimes we would sit there and not say a word...just enjoying the quiet time together.

And how we both felt like we had to have supper over with before 8:00 so we could watch American Pickers or Counting Cars. 

Then there were the endless hours we would go for a drive out in the country and if we saw a place that looked interesting we would stop. Sometimes we would be gone all day and never stop anywhere except a little dive to eat lunch.

And oh, those wonderful trips to the beach and all those hours we spent walking or flying his kite.

Oh how excited we would both get when we found out another grandchild was on the way. He was very proud of each and every one of them.

And best of all was the times we just hung out at the house and enjoyed spending time together. 

I miss him so much every day, but every day I count the blessings that I have so many wonderful memories to keep me company.

So, happy 65th birthday sweetheart. I hope that heavenly choir is singing Happy Birthday to you today.


Anonymous said...

Dear Brenda,
Thank you for sharing your wonderful love story.
I too can relate in many ways.My husband was diagnosed w/cancer in 2002.
Was given one yr to live. He survived 29 months.
His kindness always to me, " said doctors really
Do not know...
me it was him dying, not me & for me to go on living.
He lived life to the fullest.
THANK YOU.sharing your love story...I read your anniversary storyThe beautiful memories you always shared together givebeautiful blessings everyday.We are truly blessed.
God knows when we need a great memory and it gives us joy and peace.
Thank Big Blessings Always,
Martha p. Kodak, TN

Terri D said...

A beautiful birthday tribute for your sweetheart, Brenda. Love & hugs!!