What exactly IS normal?

There is so much going on in my life right now. It's not enough that I just moved and now the unpacking fun has begun. I was sitting here this morning and thinking "I wish things would get back to normal." Which posed the question of what is normal. It just seems that my schedule is ever changing and my routine is getting messed up. There is so much going on in the next two weeks that I fear I may never see normal again.  
We have the Operation Christmas Child shoebox due in at church on Sunday. Then one day next week, I need to help go through all the boxes and double check everything and get them ready to take to the drop off center.
Then we have to prepare about 500 gift bags to handout for Trunk-or-Treat night at church. Then, of course, I will actually be going to Trunk-or-Treat night to help WMU hand out the bags (at least for a portion of it).

Then, of course, you have actual Halloween night where the neighborhood kids will be trick-or-treating. We used to live in a neighborhood that was off the beaten path. If we had 3 visitors that night, we thought it was a great night. Over the years, those 3 grew up and the neighborhood no longer had little kids around. Now, I live in an area that is very conducive to trick-or-treating so I'm expecting a lot more than 3.
The night after Halloween, I'm having my annual Pampered Chef party to help raise money for the Second Harvest Food Bank. This will be my third year. The first year, my party raised 1,000 pounds of food for the local food bank. I was thrilled. I can't remember how much we raised last year, but it was a good amount.
Two days after my party, I'm heading out to Parris Island to watch my nephew graduate as a United States Marine. We are so proud of him.
Then I'm hanging out afterwards in Beaufort, SC and checking out some of their local antique shops to see what kind of bargains I might find. The night I get home from there, the time will change and we will leave Daylight Savings Time and go back to normal time so that is going to throw my system off kilter for sure.
The next morning, I'm getting up early and gathering grandchildren to go to church with me and then after church, I'm taking them to Disney on Ice.

So, I ask you again.....What is normal? And when can I get back to it?


Unknown said...

You sound super busy! This is how my life sounds all the time. So this would be normal for me! LOL. You should stop asking what is normal and start asking when you get a vacation! LOL

MissyMcM said...

Sorry Brenda...this is YOUR normal!
You love living the life you live.