I can't believe I'm telling this on myself, but....

The older we get our mind starts to go. We can't find our keys. We lose our glasses. We don't know where we parked at Walmart. It is so easy to blame everything on old age. But is it really? Or are we just so addled and scatterbrained because we have so much going on in our lives? I do things sometimes that are so funny, I just have to stop and laugh at myself. I was getting gas recently and had to stop and picture the outside of the truck to remember which side the tank is on!! It brought to mind one of my funniest "senior moments." It was about 2 years ago and I had stopped at the BP to get gas. That was right about the time they started the prepay policy. I went in and asked for $10. I went back out, walked to my gas tank....and discovered I had pulled in on the wrong side of the pumps. My tank was on the passenger side and I was at the drivers side. I was so embarrassed, but figured that nobody noticed since I had already paid. So I unlock the door and get in the car and put the car in drive. I figure I'll pull out and circle around and pull in so that I'm on the correct side. After all, I paid for that pump so that is the pump I must use. I make the loop around the tanks and pull back in. I put the car in park, get out, shut the door and walk around to the pump.....only to discover I pulled right back in there in the same direction and on the wrong side for my gas tank. I thought I was going to die. I got back in, pulled forward, turned around to come back on the right side. By the time I got turned around the right direction, I forgot I had not gotten my gas yet and proceeded to pull forward and over to the exit to leave the parking lot....WITHOUT GETTING MY GAS!! But I did catch myself before pulling into trafffic. I did a rush back up, got over to the tank, pumped my gas and made my getaway. So now, if you ever see me come to a complete stop BEFORE pulling up to a pump, you will know I am working out the logistics in my mind as to where my tank is and where I need to be.


MissyMcM said...

It might not be so funny...if I hadn't done the same thing! :^)

Deb said...
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